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Send Money to Mexico and Central America Online

 Sharemoney, a new service of Giromex, now offers a convenient way to send money transfers via the Internet!                 Visit to see if you can send money to your country quickly, easily and cheaply.




Helping Communities in Mexico and Central America

Giromex, sending money to Mexico and Central America

for more than 20 years

Giromex is the premier provider to send money to Mexico and Central America. Giromex’s excellent customer service, lower fees, high exchange rates and extensive payer network is unmatched in the industry. We earn the loyalty of our customers every day through the personal attention and care we give to every transaction. At Giromex, we make sure the money is sent quickly and our low fees mean that our customers keep more of their hard earned money. It does not matter where you are sending your money to: Giromex is always there to make sure your transfer arrives quickly and securely.

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